Easy MyLucky123.com Uninstallation

    Brief agenda about MyLucky123.com:

    MyLucky123.com is a redirect virus which comes under category of browser hijacker. Main purpose of this MyLucky123.com is designing is to redirect you to misleading webpage that has payload of bogus advertisement, online services. These online services and advertisement are made to generate revenue for their developer. This is a non-official search engine which is little bit identical to Google, Yahoo, Bing search engine. It is programmed in this way that you felt that it is legitimate search engine which will provide you better search experience than other one. This fake search engine is similar to another fake engine like trotux.com, youndoo.com, dozensearch.com, attirerpage.com, amisites.com, nuesearch.com, universalsearches.com, funcionapage.com, and navsmart.info.


    Once MyLucky123.com will come in contact to your browser, you will face lots of problem which are discussed below:

    • MyLucky123.com will alter search engine settings to MyLucky123.com whatever you prefer to use like Google, Yahoo and Bing.
    • It will inject malicious code to your browser settings, homepage settings without of your concern.
    • You will face frequently random redirection of webpage to another webpage when you open to browse in your browser.
    • Browser will take long time to open new tab or program.
    • It will grant permission to remote hackers to take over full control of your system and to monitor your system via remote control.
    • It will download/install lots of malicious program which will overburden CPU resources and you will face degradation of system performance.
    • It will record your browsing history including IP addresses, search queries, website URLs visited, pages viewed, and other related browsing information. This recorded information will contain confidential details that are later shared with cyber crook. who misuse your confidential data by disclosing it to cyber crime world to generate quick revenue.

    This MyLucky123.com will infiltrate into your browser and then PC by most popular methodology of distribution called “bundling”. Downloading of free software and application from non-official will have additional harmful and insecure program which leads to severe issues in your system. Due to this when you download/install any program in your system, first of all, check the EULA(End user license agreement) and deselect unknown condition to you. Go to always custom or advance installation mode to know functionality of this freeware application or software.


    As mentioned above, MyLucky123.com is a malicious redirect virus, you must remove it from your browser. But in this case, problem is that it will install third party application and when you try to remove it at that time, it will reinstall itself. It is very much difficult to remove it. Therefore use hard-hitting anti-virus software to get rid of it.


    Manual removal instructions to remove MyLucky123.com from infected browser:


    Step1. Uninstall Mylucky123.com from Chrome/Firefox/IE

    • Delete the browser hijacker homepage link from Google Chrome
    • Click on Chrome menu and select Settings.
    • In the opened window, click on the Set pages under On startup.
    • After that you will see a message box as shown below, click on X icon to delete the malicious startup page link.
    • Now back to Settings window, tab Change link under Appearance.
    • Uninstall the malicious homepage link http://mylucky123.com/. Then you will type another desirable web address as your default webpage and tab on OK button.
    • Now switch to tab Manage search engines button to alter your default search engine.
    • Find out undesired Mylucky123.com search engine and remove it.

    Step 2. Delete Mylucky123.com homepage link from Firefox

    • Click on Tools menu and choose Options.
    • In the opened window, eliminate malicious homepage link http://mylucky123.com/. You will type another preferable web address as your default webpage or select show a blank page.
    • Now click on Search tab on the left bar. Tab the inverted triangle icon to select your default search engine such as Google.
    • Now scroll down, find out malicious search engine in the box and tab remove button to delete it.

    Step3. Uninstall Mylucky123.com from IE

    • Click on the gear icon on the upper right corner of Window and then choose Internet options.
    • Delete undesired homepage link http://mylucky123.com/. You can type another page as your favorite browser and click on Apply > OK button.
    • Click on the gear icon again and choose Manage add-ons.
    • In the opened window, tab Search Providers on the left bar and then find out malicious search engine and tab Remove button to delete it. Take the help from following image as an example.

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